Josh Bubniak has had a long career in music and the arts. Starting when he was 5-6 years old, he began performing in musical theatre with the CMT in San Jose, CA. His first musical was Pippi Longstocking by Samuel French, where he was a member of the chorus as well as playing 2 minor roles. Josh also spent much of his young life singing in multiple chorus ensembles and performance groups around the Bay Area, as well as participating in tap and ballet dancing.

When he turned 8, he began playing the viola, which he continued into adulthood. After several years of playing viola and picking up several other instruments to try along the way, in high school Josh found his true musical love in the bass which he continues to play now, both in electric and upright. After high school, Josh moved back to the Bay Area from East Central Illinois, where he was raised and continued to pursue music. Playing in several bands, touring and freelancing as a bassist for hire, Josh honed his skills and professionalism, while meeting some amazing people the he is still close with to this day, including his musical mentor, Ted “Blyss” Gould, who currently plays with the amazing Ziggaboo Modeliste of The Meters.

Josh has worked with many original and cover bands and continues to play bass both live and in the studio

In the midst of discovering his love of music, Josh was introduced to audio engineering at age 12. Starting off as simply the kid who turned mics on and off during youth group, Josh continued to learn about the physics of sound, acoustics and PA design while gaining experience on a multitude of consoles like analog favorites from Yamaha, Midas, Soundcraft, Allen & Heath and many more. He was also trained on the use of digital consoles as they began being more widely used. Josh is comfortable on the Yamaha, Avid, DiGiCo, Soundcraft, PreSonus, Behringer and Roland digital consoles as well as many others if given some time to learn his way around.

Branching out from his time as a touring musician, Josh has also toured and has been on staff at multiple houses of worship as a front of house engineer and monitor engineer. He also had the opportunity to perform duties as the A2 on the world premier run of the stage adaptation of the Prince of Egypt, performed at 3Crosses Church in Castro Valley, CA under Dave Staats (A1) and directed by Kevin Letbetter. Josh continues to run sound locally at The Vineyard Church of Central Illinois (Urbana Campus) as well as several other venues around Illinois when his schedule permits.

When he’s not working his day job of running KNB Consulting, Josh can usually be found on the back of his Harley Road King, spending time with his 7-year-old daughter, enjoying the company of his friends and family or cooking.